Apex Massage Policies


If for any reason you cannot arrive on time, the appointment will proceed and end as scheduled with full payment required. If scheduling allows, the full amount of time will be given. Please inform your therapist if you have to be somewhere immediately following your appointment, because some appointment times may extend the scheduled amount.


Please give at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel your appointment.  If YOU DO NOT SHOW for an appointment, you will be billed for 100% of the value of the appointment time. If you have a gift certificate or a package, those will be charged instead of the credit card on file.  If last minute cancellations occur regularly, you will be billed for 50 % of your appointment value for any future last minute cancellations.

Gift Certificates

**If you have a gift certificate and do not show for your appointment, the gift certificate will be voided!** 

Please do not wait until the last minute to schedule appointments. We do book up in advance and appointment availability is not guaranteed.

Gift certificate expiration:   Gift certificates may be used up to 1 year after expiration date for the full amount.   After this time, they lose 20 % in value each year after the 2nd year. They expire completely after 5 years.  If you have an expired gift certificate, please call us for the new value.

If you have lost your gift certificate, please give us a call.  We can look it up for you and give you the gift certificate number to use for your appointment.


Yes, our therapists do accept gratuity and is appreciated.   Gift Certificates do not include gratuity, unless otherwise stated on card itself.

Couples Massage

We require at least 24 hours for cancellations. If you cancel your appointment in less time and we are not able to fill that time, you will be charged $25 per person for 60 minute sessions and $35 per person for 90 minute sessions. If you do not show up for your scheduled session, the full amount will be charged to the card.


Certain illnesses or conditions are contraindicated with massage. Through the information received from your health history form, your therapist will determine and discuss any reasons that massage may or may not be appropriate. If you are under the care of a regular medical doctor for any condition, please discuss with him/her if there are any contraindications for massage.


Your sessions and files are held in strict confidence. Unless legally subpoenaed, this information will not be released without your written authorization.


Our therapists use oil or lotion – if you have a preference for one or the other, please let us know before your appointment. Please inform your therapist during your session if there is anything that they can do to make your massage experience the best possible (if you are ever too cold or too warm/ if you would like more or less pressure).

If you have any allergies to oils, lotions, or scents, please let your therapist know before your session!